Efficient daily meetings

Level up your Scrum daily meetings with a team dashboard and scheduling tools.
Smooth team communication through the day with live progress.
Leverage your meeting history.

Digital Scrum master

Help your team run smooth daily stand-up meetings

report dashboard
Team stand-up dashboard

Have a global view of what your team is working on.

standup reminder

Team members receive a reminder to prepare the daily.
Preparation is key for meeting efficiency and a good habit to start the day.

remote team
Remote friendly

Get daily updates from team members regardless of their timezone, with asynchronous reporting.


Upgrade your reporting

Improve teams communication and planning

task scheduling

Add tasks or blockers to your future daily updates

live status
Live status

Complete and access daily updates throughout the day.

team visibility
Improve team communication

Access the daily of other teams in your organization.

Leverage your meetings history

Transform the day to day into an asset.

Stand-up history
Individual daily history

Use the list of past accomplishments to have better 1-1s.

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